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The Growth of Self Storage Facilities

With the recent popularity of home improvement shows and programs such as Hoarders and Clean House on cable television, it is not surprising that some families want to declutter their homes so that they can clear their minds and make their homes more appealing. Perhaps this is why there is a growing number of people who use self storage facilities, because these facilities offer units of every size for all kinds of items large and small. Here are some of the reasons why self storage facilities are popular among families.

Moving Has Become A Lot Easier

One reason for the growth of self storage facilities is that these facilities make the moving process less of a headache. If you are a college student who is moving into a smaller dorm, you can place items that are not necessary inside the self storage facility. Or if you are a newlywed who has a lot of items that cannot fit in your home, self storage facilities are great tools to streamline your new home.

Certain Products Are Better Inside Self Storage Facilities

Another reason why there has been an increase in the use of self storage facilities is because these facilities are climate controlled, and this is good news for those who have special items that are subject to decay in certain temperatures such as your mom's homemade collection of recipes from the early 70s or a few pieces of artwork you accumulated over the years.

Good For Long Term Storage

There are times when you have plenty of belongings that you will not use at this time and in this case, you would benefit from self storage units because you can rent the units as long as you need to. In addition, when it is time to renew your lease you can get a discount on your new contract so that you will pay less money each month.

Self storage units are an essential part of a families' lives and these units reflect our society's desire for convenience in many aspects of life. When you rent from self storage companies, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your items will be protected and that it frees up space in your home or business. Before renting a self storage unit, you should research companies so that you will get the best services at the best price. 

What is Self Storage?

Self-storage is much like renting an apartment, except that its an empty space in a large facility. Storage units come in various sizes. They can range from anything from the size of a small room to as large as an entire living room or a few bedrooms of a house. Self-storage spaces are designed with great flexibility. They are essentially catering to apartment and household owners who may relocate or move and may need to store their personal belongings on a long term or short term basis. This does not mean storage spaces are only designed for home owners. College students or those who work overseas also use these facilities on a regular basis. Its also used by car enthusiasts who store an old car in the facility due to space issues at home. The uses of storage spaces are limitless. It can be used as a hobby studio or even for band practice. A lot of storage facilities are reporting that music bands rent out space to practice before shows. Due to the loud music involved, storage facilities are the perfect space for jamming loud music without disturbing neighbors. And with the availability of power sockets, hooking up equipment is easy.

There are many sizes of storage space units. Some of the typical sizes are as follow:

1. 5 x 5 = this is the smallest space available and is typically the size of a small walk in closet in an apartment.

2. 5 x 10 = this is usually the size of a small studio apartment. It can store small pieces of furniture and some suitcases.

3. 10 x 10 = this is the size of a typical one bedroom apartment. It can store a few pieces of furniture, a few suitcases and other household items.

4. 10 x 15 = this is the size of a medium sized two bedroom apartment. It can store more belongings than the 10 x 10.

5. 10 x 20 = can store the belongings of a 3-4 bedroom home, depending on the size of the house.

So before you rent out any storage space, make a good estimation of your belongings, so you get the space you actually require.

The above image was taken from www.tempoconstruction.com. I do not own the image nor do I claim any rights over it.

College and Storage Days

I remember when I was in college (which was not that long ago, but feels like an eternity), having to move each year was a real pain. Why did I move each year? Well, because you get a discount or free first month when you move into a new apartment. In my opinion, this was worth the move every year. Plus, you get bored of living in the same apartment for more than a year. Having said, I knew many people who lived in the same apartment for multiple years just to avoid having to move year after year, Lucky for me, I had a lot of (big) friends who were more than happy to help me move for a few 12 packs and I was happy to oblige.

Honestly, when I think of college, I can remember a few thing quite vividly. One is sleeping late and missing class (I know everyone has gone through that). Second is late night cramming before that big exam. And lastly there was moving. Moving and storing my personal belongings was a big part of college. I normally went out of town for the summers and this meant storing a lot of my stuff for a few months. Sometimes my apartment was too small to even store all my stuff. College apartments were not the largest (or the most luxurious). Storage units came in pretty hand in those days. I remember once I moved my entire (and I mean entire) apartment into a storage unit for an whole summer. That was not fun. I probably lost a few friends in the process during that move. I also generated a lot of money for a self storage facility in Colorado, where I stored all my belongings. I'm sure the owner grew quite prosperous thanks to me!

Another reason (and probably the the most useful) for storing my stuff into storage units was to take advantage of the out of season apartments At least on on my campus, if an apartment was not occupied after the semester begins, its very hard to fill those until the next semester. That's when property companies start to heavily discount the units. I remember once paying $300 for a $600 apartment! So for the next few years I would store all my stuff in a storage unit and wait till a few weeks pass after the semester starts and shop around for vacant units. I had to crash on a friends couch for a few days, but that was not such a big deal. I would save a lot of money on rent.

Writing down all this reminds me of college days. Enjoy them as much as possible because those memories will last a lifetime.

And make sure you create a good relationship with your neighborhood storage facility. They will come in hand when you are between apartments.

The above image was taken from www.movingboxdelivery.com. I do not own the image and have no rights over it.

Moving Day

Are you thinking about moving? Well, chances are, you are also thinking about finding a self-storage unit. I recently ran into a similar problem when moving out of my current apartment. I collected so much stuff over the years that I needed extra storage space. My girlfriend thinks I'm a junk hoarder, collecting about anything, regardless of value. This may be true, but today's junk may become someone's treasure tomorrow. At least that’s my goal.

So here are the steps I went through when trying to select a decent storage unit:

1. Location: this is probably the most important aspect of storing your goods. The location needs to be conveniently located. There are 2 main reasons for this. Firstly, if you are like me, you want to have easy access to your goods at all times. If the location of the storage facility is close, then you can easily drive there at any time during the day. Secondly, when you move, the vehicle you rent will charge by the mile. So if the storage location is close by, then you save money on your Uhaul vehicle.

2. Price: this is another major determinant. Many storage facilities offer discounts and even a free month. Call a few locations and ask for their specials.

3. Storage Facility: Depending on your needs, the storage facility may have temperate controlled units. This again, depends on the type of goods you would like to store. Paintings or old records should be temperature controlled. All other types of goods can be stored in a regular unit. Be sure to use common sense here.

4. Space: This again, depends on the amount of stuff (junk) you want to store. Ask the store rep to show you the various units, if you have a hard time visualizing the amount of space.

5. Length of Time: If you are renting for a long period, you may want to ask for a discount.

6. Access: Most facilities have timings throughout the week. If you need access to your goods 24/7, you may want to find a facility that can provide you with that type of unlimited access.

I hope the above tips were helpful. Hopefully, this will save you some time when selecting a storage facility during your next move.

The above image was taken from http://www.danoah.com